Senior Portrait FAQ

What should I wear? 

Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Be you. Wear what makes you happy. 

If you're a jeans & tee shirt kind of girl, don't get all dressed up in an outfit you're not comfortable in. If you're a flannel guy, bring your favorite one. 

Some seniors bring a variety of outfits, both casual and dressy, while others just want to wear their one chosen outfit. Do what feels best for YOU! I have a changing tent, so you'll be able to change privately, even on the beach.

What should I bring?

A brush (especially for beach shoots- those can get windy!)

Changes of clothes, shoes, jewelry (totally optional)

Small mirror

Makeup for touching up

Should my mom/dad come with me? 

This is for you and your parent to decide together.  Some seniors feel more comfortable with a parent present. The others happily show up on their own. 

Parents can be very helpful with outfit changes, fixing windblown hair, etc.   

However, if parents are present, I will ask them to keep a good amount of distance, as this will allow you to relax a bit and have more natural poses and smiles, and also gives me the space I need to move around. It is extremely difficult to get the shots I want to get when a parent is giving instructions over my shoulder. 

Please do not bring your whole family, as this can be distracting and slow things down quite a bit. Remember, this is a senior session, not a family session. 

Can you fix my skin? 

Yes! Retouching is included in your package.  I will make you look your very best, without making you look fake or overedited. I will smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, and bring out your best features! If there's something you'd like me to pay extra attention to, just let me know.